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  1. Ganesha Tribulation Blues

  2. Mountain, Sea and Sky

  3. ?? American Values ??

  4. I'm My Own Doppelgänger

  5. This Sad Morning [Путін, іди на хуй!]

  6. (Still) Life With the Still [Life]

  7. The Inevitable Consequences of Time

  8. A Calamity of Orchids - The 2021 Collection

  9. O, America: An Undue Necrologue - Part IV - Cornstalk and the Sage

  10. O, America: An Undue Necrologue - Part III - The Ridiculous Carnival of the Influencers

  11. O, America: An Undue Necrologue - Part 2 - Red Horn's World

  12. O, America - An Undue Necrologue - Part I: Point Pleasant

  13. Kiss My Lilly White, Craterry, Hairy, Fat, Old Ass! (Single)

  14. When Things are Seeming Hopeless, It's The Greatest Time to Dance (Single)

  15. When You Go Music, Then The Music's Everywhere (Single)

  16. Everything's Fine When it's Just Panther Piss and Movie Stars (Single)

  17. Married at The Speakeasy (Single)

  18. Couldn't Have Treated People Worse (Single)

  19. Ain't Nothing That Ain't Jazz

  20. Ain't No Gamble, it Ain't No Life (Single)

  21. The Day That Johnny's Juke Joint Got the Shaft (Single)

  22. Дорогие Русские Люди! Остановите войну! Ваши лидеры и ваши СМИ лгут вам!

  23. [Mind] Closed for a Private Event (Single)

  24. Introducing Dr. Rotatorhead and His Interstellar Jive Band - Time Maschine (Single)

  25. Them Slimy Chicken Blues (Single)

  26. Well, You Usta Could Get a Free Ride (Single)

  27. Dagnabbit!!! (Single)

  28. Everyone Needs Somewheres to Go (single)

  29. Mommy Zieg-Heiled the School Board (Single)

  30. Don't Assume You're the Sane One (Single)

  31. I Got No Jive (Single)

  32. Shut Up Your Damn Fool Mouth (Single)

  33. That Jive Turkey Got No Balls (Single)

  34. Phantom Train (Single)

  35. It Doesn't Set You Free [Single]

  36. Livin' Like A Disney Princess in a Quentin Tarantino World [Single]

  37. Don't Blame the Victims [Single]

  38. Pirate Radio [Single]

  39. The Social Order [Single]

  40. Asylum Samsara [Single]

  41. The Dying Flowers [Single]

  42. Bone Dancing' [Single]

  43. The Place Where I Meet Jesus [Single]

  44. Down to the Wallow!

  45. Pickle (Single)

  46. Zen Hooligans - Bongo Fever (Single)

  47. Zen Hooligans - Nuclear Blast (Single)

  48. Zen Hooligans - McMurtry McSweatpants and the Funk Presents: Wormhole (Single)

  49. Zen Hooligans - Surfin' Crustacean (Single)

  50. Ferlinghetti's Rainbow

  51. Cosmic Navigator

  52. Expanse

  53. 〇 [円形 - Circle]

  54. Wild Horses རྟ་མགྲིན་

  55. Satchitananda Station

  56. Boppin' and Coolin'

  57. Beyul

  58. Навальный [Navalny]

  59. All Beings Equal to the Sky

  60. Rat'ler

  61. The Ice Suite

  62. Mandala

  63. Contrary Warrior

  64. Writing in Water

  65. When I Remember Who I Am

  66. Black Market Lung: A Tale of Awakening [ReMastered]

  67. Of Fire, Moths and Wood...

  68. Drunk on Love

  69. From the Pure Land Surrounded by Snow Mountains

  70. Music For Autumn Winds: Concerto in Five Movements for Woodwinds

  71. Elements [ReMastered]

  72. Aether [ReMastered]

  73. Air

  74. Metal

  75. Fire

  76. Stone

  77. Earth

  78. Water [ReMastered]

  79. Wood [ReMastered]

  80. The Art of the Flute
    Richard Ball, Walking Eagle, Before the Rain

  81. The Dance of Shiva and Shakti

  82. Crow

  83. Crocodile Dreaming

  84. Amanesis - Outtakes, Experiments, Mistakes and Other Ditties

  85. Spirit/Nature

  86. Santosha (Contentment) - We Need it in 2016!

  87. Ghost - A Shamanic Journey Meditation

  88. The Ballade of Cactus Jack's
    The Bucktones with Richard Ball

  89. Axis Mundi - A Shamanic Journey Meditation

  90. Puzzlements

  91. Flying Cows: (A Love Story) And Other Tales of the Southwest
    Richard Ball with Walking Eagle


Richard Ball Evergreen, Colorado

I am a composer, recording artist and multi-instrumentalist specializing in combining jazz and world music. I play flutes and other instruments from many parts of the world. Be sure to check my other jazz projects on Bandcamp!,, and ... more

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